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Since 2004, Miqueas Thärigen has started promoting and showing the Historical Palacio Barolo. His objectives were always trying to increase préstige to the building where the oweners can offer their best services. Furthermore he wants the building to be recognized as one of the most emblematic skycrapers in Buenos Aires city.
The Thärigen brothers inherited  their greatgrandfather passion to work at the Masterpiece that represents an Allegory of the Divine Comedy. In 1926, Carlos Eduardo Jorio rented and then bought the office on the 9th floor

Miqueas T. studied , investigated and searched about the history of this amazing building. For seven years  performing as a tour guide allowed him to have wonderful experiences , he had met foreign people, from many different countries and received excellent comments, letters, emails, moreover given books signed by them. Once he had finished studying to be a Doctor he decided to create the brand  ¨ Palacio Barolo Tours¨. His brother Tomás is now  the manager encharged of showing Palacio Barolo. Together Tomás and Miqueas release the tour guides with enthusiasm ,reminding Carlos E. Jorio path who had always valued the great arquitectural work Mario Palanti had done.

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+54 11 4381 1885 (Call center hours Monday throught Friday from 12 to 8 pm)
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